My 5 Favourite Reasons for Using Divi for WordPress

Dec 14, 2017 | Divi

There are so many reasons why I love using Divi to build websites, but here are my top five.

1. It’s Totally Customisable

Whether you are starting a design from scratch or using a template, Divi makes it easy to have full control.  With the Divi page builder you can create beautiful layouts with endless possibilities.  It’s so flexible and versatile, you can even choose which devices you want certain content to show on.

2. Responsive

You want your gorgeous new website to look stunning on all devices.  More and more people are searching on their tablets and mobile devices these days rather than on computers, so it’s more important than ever that your website looks amazing across the board and to make sure your customers have a great experience when viewing your site.

3. Drag and Drop System

The drag and drop system and countless content modules makes it incredibly easy to design page layouts without using a snippet of code.  Yes, of course in some instances you will need code for a specific functionality or certain look for a site, but why pay pots of cash for a designer to spend hours on custom coding when more often than not it can easily be done in Divi.

4. The Visual Page Builder

Front end editing, what’s not to love?  You can literally see what you’re building right in front of your eyes.  This also makes editing really quick and easy too, and you can check the responsive settings at the same time.  Genius.

5. Grow Your Business

You can start off with an elegant one page smooth scrolling website and, as your business grows, so can your website.  You can easily add new pages and it’s totally e-commerce friendly, so you can boost your sales with a beautiful on-line store.

So whether you design your website yourself, or you get a designer to help you, Divi is an amazingly user-friendly platform.  If you would like more information or help with designing your website, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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