Keeping your site secure

Oct 1, 2020 | Design Tips

So you have your beautiful new website up and running … congratulations! But before I hand your shiny new site over to you, it’s really important to make sure it’s safely backed up and secure, you know, just in case the unthinkable happens … And after all that hard work, you really don’t want to have to go right back to the beginning and start all over again, or need the expense for that matter, but with some good back up and security in place you can sleep easy at night, and we all want that, right?!

There are a number of ways to back up your site, some of them are free and some are paid for, so you really need to weigh up what works best for you. With a free plugin, like UpdraftPlus, it saves a copy of the files and database to a Dropbox folder or Google Drive for example, but then you’d need to put it all back together again, a bit like humpty dumpty, well, maybe not in quite so many pieces …

For paid services I love BlogVault as it’s just so reliable. If you get hacked or manage to delete a whole page by mistake (oh yes, that does happen, yikes!), just one click will get you right out of trouble and your website restored in moments. Also it really gives you the freedom to relax and let you get to know your website, without being afraid of breaking anything. If you make a mistake and can’t get something back to how it was, you just roll it back to a previous back up version. Brilliant!

However you decide to back up your site is totally up to you, and remember that any back up is better than no back up, so there’s no right or wrong answer here, just so long as you have something in place.

When we finish your project, we’ll have a chat and see what you want to do, and I can sort it for you. Have a look at my support packages HERE.

Sleep well my friends!


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