get to know me

I am incredibly fortunate to have worked closely with Melissa Love at The Design Space for 7 years, as her project manager, and now as one of her in-house designers.  She is quite simply the best when it comes to top of the range web design templates and incredible business resources.

It was only when I qualified as a nutritionist and needed to create a website for my own new business that I discovered my inner creative just waiting to be unleashed.  There was so much to learn, but it opened up a whole new world, and I was learning from the best in the business.  All my stars were aligning!

With all the positive feedback I was getting for my new website, I soon had a long list of friends asking me to design theirs, word got about and I haven’t looked back.

With my nutrition business now on the back burner and the design ball rolling, it’s funny how things turn out, but I’m running with it and absolutely loving it.  It’s so amazing having Melissa’s support and I’m constantly learning.  She can’t understand what took me so long!

I was so fortunate enough to have all the tools and tricks of the trade at my fingertips when I started to create my own website, but I know for many people, the whole process can feel quite overwhelming.  Not everybody has the time or inclination to do it themselves, as they are busy doing what they do best.  So it made complete sense that I could now help other people like me venturing out into the online business world.

I create beautiful and fully functioning websites that are simple enough to maintain, that can grow with your business as it flourishes and with the flexibility to suit all budgets.  It can be a website wilderness out there and my mission is to make your experience as easy and fun as I possibly can.

Your website is often the first impression that someone has of your business, it’s your shop window.  And with all the competition out there, I really do think that one of my websites will not only create the right impression but give you the freedom to build an amazing yet affordable online presence.